Super soft cotton jersey that is washable and reusable

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Adult Face Masks

Our masks are made with two layers of extremely soft cotton and a comfortable ear elastic.  And unlike other masks, they are durable after multiple washes.


Children's Face Masks

Our littlest customers love wearing our super soft face mask.


Wash Your Face Mask!

Coming Soon: Our specially formulated unscented face mask cleanser is made with 99% naturally derived ingredients.



My new staple.  This is by far the most comfortable mask that I've found - the fit is perfect.  It doesn't fall apart in the wash or cause my skin to breakout the way that some other masks have.  And we Brooklynites need our sleek design - that's how we identify each other in the wild!

Lila M. (Brooklyn, NY)

These masks are soft and smell nice.  It's not suffocating like other masks, it's breathable - the straps don't hurt my ears, I could wear this all the time and be fine with doing that.

Estrella C., Age 11 (Berkeley, CA)